AliDropship Plugin (WordPress)

AliDropship Plugin (WordPress)
AliDropship Plugin is a premium dropshipping plugin for WordPress to create an AliExpress Dropshipping Store. If you are looking for an easy start to create your own profitable dropship business, then this is what you need.

Many aspiring dropshipper abandoned the idea of starting their own dropshipping business because they get overwhelmed by how complex it is to start an online dropshipping store.

However, it does not have to be this way for you. If you are looking to start your own dropshipping business but are a novice with no experience or technical skill, then don’t give up just yet! There exists a great assistant that can help you.

Introducing AliDropship Plugin, your must-have assistant in starting and managing a dropshipping business. This dropship plugin assists you in many ways.

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AliDropship Plugin – 3 major must-have tools

1. Automation Tools that save you tons of time in daily tedious tasks

  • Filter and import profitable products into your dropshipping store with just a click
  • Auto-update the stock level & pricing of your products
  • One-click to send customer’s order to your dropship supplier
  • Auto retrieve shipment tracking details and send it to your customer

2. Marketing Tools that help you market your business like a pro

  • Create discount coupons to entice your customer to buy which improve sales
  • Import product review to improve the trustworthiness of your store
  • Make it easier for your customer to find your store in search engine with auto SEO generation
  • Email automation that brings your customer back to your store if they ever abandoned their shopping cart

3. Management Tools to help you manage your dropshipping business

  • Understand how your customer interacts with your online store with its visitor’s statistics
  • Receive payment from customer easily with its payment gateways integration (Paypal, Stripe, etc)
  • Get an overview of your business’s performance with its all-in-one dashboard (sales, orders, traffic & activities)
  • Above all, integrate with a cashback system to earn an additional 8% cashback from AliExpress

As a result, with the 3 major tools above, you can start a profitable dropship business easily while spending lesser time managing your business.

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