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Allow me to introduce you to your new best life.


Imagine staying at home or traveling all month and still GETTING a CHEQUE to pay all your bills? Too good to be true? I know, but IT’S POSSIBLE through Dropshipping.

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We break all social myths about money that are now seen as “TRUTHS.”

1. You have to work hard for money

With dropshipping, after the whole setup is done, you can relax and still get a payout. (How cool is that for a job?)

2. It’s impossible to earn decent money online

Dropshipping will earn you more than you ever dreamt of making without having to wake up and go to work every day.

3. You need tonnes of experience to earn online

With the right team, you need zero experience to earn online.​

4. You need technical skill to set up an e-commerce store

If you don't have technical skill, you can choose to learn it (the hard way) or just hire a team of expert to build it for you (the easy way)


Numbers Don’t Lie: Statistics Showing Why You Should Dropship


Digital Customers by 2021


Retail E-commerce Sales by 2020

World's Population

Have Embraced Online Shopping


Fully-Automated Dropship Store

With Complete Marketing Setup To Help You Get Your First Sales

  • One-Time Payment

Step 1: Place Your Order

You place an order for your Fully-Automated Dropshipping Store

Step 2: Discuss Details

Your personal manager contacts you to learn about your requests and help with a profitable niche selection

Step 3: Sit Back & Relax

Our team works hard creating a premium custom store according to all your preferences

Step 4: Get Your Ready Store

You become a dropshipping business owner without actually lifting a finger


We Provide You An Initial Consultation To Help Brainstorm Your Perfect Store

Niche Selection

This is the toughest part of starting a dropshipping company. You need products that are on demand in the market and the strength to remain viable in the market after many months. We will help you chose your niche, then go a step ahead and analyze your competitors. This will help us provide you with the right keyword analysis for your marketing.

Domain Name

We will buy you a unique (.com) domain name that matches your field and desired brand. Additionally, we will pay your first server hosting, which will be $50 per year - So you can start worrying about the payment when your business is already off the ground.

Currently in Demand Products

You do not want to have products that sell very high today, and tomorrow no one wants them. We will suggest products that will bring you a significant profit margin as well as ones that you will be able to sell at relatively low prices compared to your competitors in the long run.

Complete E-commerce Solution

Before you officially start running your webstore, we will import everything you need and ensure you are set to receive payments. For easy management, we create a dashboard showing all your statistics, orders, and other crucial activities. We got you covered in terms of easy management.

Globally Available Payment Methods

We want all your customers to have a great experience shopping with you. One way we have made this possible is to supports most of the popular payment method such as Paypal and Stripe.

Beautiful and Unique Designs

What would you love your store to have? A unique design, a customized logo, favicon, header images, icons…name it. We are going to ensure you have it all in your webstore. All based on your preferences.

Amazing Optimized Themes

You get a professional theme that attracts visitors on your site and converts them to willing buyers. The design is colorful in all browsers, the operating systems, and other devices your buyers will be using.

We Build You A Complete E-commerce Store That Is Beautiful & Ready To Sell

We Help Your Store Get Found Using Marketing Tools & Search Engine

All Marketing Tools

Your online store will come with all the marketing tools you require to run your marketing campaigns. This includes product reviews, discount coupons, emails to contact customers who abandon carts and a list of your subscribers for future follow up.

SEO Set Up

You want your search engine to be appealing enough for search engines as well as your customers. We will optimize your content to ensure it reaches to the targeted audience and is also visible on the internet.

Branded Social Pages

Social media is one of the biggest marketing platforms. We will, therefore, ensure we craft unique graphics for your website on all popular social media platforms. The engaging, colorful pages will help you kick off your social media marketing with no hiccups. We will also create ads for you on Facebook and Instagram & 3 Google ads PLUS $30 advertising credit for each channel.

Social Media Promo Tool

To fulfill our promise of doing nothing for a living dropshipping, we will provide you with an automated social media marketing tool. The tool will help you monitor the progress, success, and engagement of an ad. You will therefore know what is working and what is not working without putting in any efforts.

We Help You Build Your Social Media Presence

Sole Ownership Of The Store

Who owns the site? YOU. What can you do with it? ANYTHING. You can change anything you want at any time – Customize it to your liking. You can sell it for an emergency or even give it out as a birthday gift.

Get Your Fully-Automated Dropship Store

With Complete Marketing Setup To Help You Get Your First Sales

  • One-Time Payment
  • Niche Research
  • Free Hosting (First Year)
  • Free Domain Name (.com)
  • Free Logo Design
  • Unique Professional Design
  • Mobile Devices Ready
  • Premium Dropship Plugin
  • Payment Gateway
  • SEO Set Up
  • Social Pages (FB, Insta, Twitter, Pinterest)
  • Social Media Promo Tool
  • Marketing Set Up (FB, Google)
  • Personal Manager
  • Zero Work From You
  • 100% Ownership
  • No Monthly Fee
  • Lifetime Support

Beautifully Crafted Custom Stores

What Our Happy Customers Say


I’ve been running a dropshipping store that sells for 3 years now. It’s safe to say my business success is 100% based on the professionally built custom store which helps me sell really well


My metrics are below the industry average, but still, I managed to make some $$$. I plan to establish my own Online Empire and help to provide life changing opportunities to my community



This year I spent 3 months in Miami, been to Tokyo, Hong Kong, Amsterdam. When you say that you’re 21 years old and you’re running a business that generated half a million in a year, people become crazy curious



I make a minimum of $500 a week even though I don’t get the time to run the dropshipping business. I can go on vacation whenever I want, design my website however I want, and add whatever add-ons I want



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