How To Process Orders Using AliDropship

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In this tutorial, you will learn how to process orders using your AliDropship Woocommerce dropship plugin.

You’ll need the AliDropship chrome extension installed in order to place order automatically.

I’ll share how you can earn additional AliExpress EPN cashback at the same time to boost your earnings.

This tutorial is divided into 4 parts:-

  1. Learn how to set up your AliDropship Chrome extension
  2. Learn how to do use AliDropship place order automatically function to do order fulfilment
  3. Learn how to sync your order and shipping status from AliExpress
  4. Learn how to check your AliExpress EPN cashback after each successful order

Let’s get started.

Part 1: Setup your AliDropship Chrome Extension (one-time only)

  1. Download and install the AliDropship Chrome extension for Chrome
  2. Click the AliDropship extension and login button to login into the extension (screenshot below). You’ll be asked to authorize the extension
    Log In to your AliDropship Chrome Extension
  3. Authorize the extension and you are ready for the next order fulfilment step


Part 2: Process orders using AliDropship Order Fulfillment feature

  1. Go to Woocommerce->Order and click on the order that you want to fulfil
  2. Click on Place Order Automatically button
  3. If you have not login to your AliExpress account or don’t have an account yet, please create an account and login
  4. After logged in, click the Place Order Automatically button again and the AliDropship chrome extension will start to add the product to your cart and prepare for check out in AliExpress
  5. Once done, it will open AliExpress page for you to complete the purchase and make payment. Select the shipping method that you want to use and once payment is made, then the order is fulfilled


Part 3: Sync AliDropship Tracking from AliExpress

  1. Go to AliDropship dashboard in your webstore
  2. Select Tracking tab and click on the All Sync button
  3. AliDropship tracking feature will retrieve the order id & delivery tracking number from AliExpress

Bonus: Prepare a delivery tracking page for your buyers to track their parcel. You can easily embed a parcel tracking form with AfterShip

Part 4: Check your AliExpress EPN Cashback

  1. Go to EPN (an AliExpress cashback platform)
  2. If you don’t have an account, register for a Webmaster account to be used with your AliDropship store
  3. After registration, create your AliExpress affiliate link
  4. Copy your affiliate link after creating it
  5. Then insert your affiliate link into your AliDropship plugin setting under the ‘AliExpress Cashback’ section
  6. Every order that you use AliDropship to fulfil will automatically get tracked by the EPN cashback system
    AliExpress cashback tracking using AliDropship


In conclusion, this tutorial teaches you how to process orders using AliDropship plugin, how to sync your orders with AliExpress, and how to earn extra AliExpress cashback every time you fulfil your customers’ orders πŸ™‚

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